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Bajek Publishing

After joining Twitter in 2020 to promote my horror novels, I made contact with Ed Bajek. Since that time, Ed and Bajek Publiser Services, have been a valued friend to me an author. Ed has provided support and services that helped bring my vision to reality. Ed connected me with legitimate and professional editorial services. He's connected me with solid marketing opportunities and so much more. If you are an author looking to expand your work, Bajek Publisher Serves is the place to go. 


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Nightingale Voices

After narrating my werewolf podcast audiodrama, I began production on the prequel. Wanting to take my audiobooks to the next level, I decided to hire voice actors. Sarah and Elizabeth Nightingale added their talents to the show. Both playing pivotal characters and elevating the storytelling to new levels. They are professional, always on time, and deliver the highest quality. I look forward to their performance every time. 

If you are looking for quality voice acting, narration, and voice talent, Nightingale Voices is a great start. 

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Andrew Oakes

Andrew is a talented voice actor I have had the pleasure of casting into several roles. He brings to life "William" from RED DOOR and A Cry in the Moon's Light. He also voices a couple of villains and side characters. I am grateful for this talent and support in my audioworks. 


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Joseph McDade

I first discovered this amazing musician while researching themes for a non-profit podcast I created. Joe graciously provides several pieces of music for free use. When I began production on the podcast for

A Cry in the Moon's Light, I contacted Joe and commissioned him to provide an original musical score. I loved the music so much, I helped Joe produce the soundtrack for the show which included a poem I wrote and narrate. To listen, the soundtrack is available on Spotify, and just about anywhere music is sold. 


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NJM Hemfrey's Books

NJM has been a close friend of the A Cry in the Moon's Light series. I met Neil after seeing his ad for Haxfuri. The ad was so powerful I purchased the book and loved every minute of it. Neil continues his writing journey with a cyberpunk actionfest series, MY FATAL FUTILITY. Time travel, sci-fi, it's got it all.

If you are looking for adrenaline pumping action, heartfelt storylines with badass heroes, become a fan like I am, of NJM Hemfry.


Anthony Avina

At the beginning of my self-publishing journey, Ed Bajek contacted Anthony for an ARC and review of A Cry in the Moon's Light. Anthony did such an amazing job, we contracted him ever since. He's provided throughtful reviews on all my works, including being my first Beta Reader for Bumper City. Anthony is a talented author, podcaster, and more. 


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Bedside Reading

Bedside Reading has been placing books at the bedside of luxury hotels for over 20 years. Their goal is to help authors become more visible and grow their brand. Ed Bajek introduced me to Jane Ubell-Meyer the founder of Bedside Reading. Jane was publishing a magazine for the Cannes Film Festival. I couldn't pass the opportunity to have my work go before the best in film / TV professionals. More important, I got to speak with Jane and found her to be a wonderful, caring, person, with a passion for connecting authors with the industry. Jane and Bedside Reading have gone above and beyond for me and I am so glad to be a part of their community. For more click on the link below.

Emily's World of Design

Emily is an amazingly talented designer. More importantly, she's extremely patient and kind. She is easy to work with and really goes the extra mile for her clients. She has designed all of my book covers. She works directly with me diligently every step of the way until we get the perect fit for the story. 

I would recommend her services to anyone wishing to take their books to the next level.

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Jamie Kent

I stared working with Jamie on the audiobook for Red Door. Jamie and I finished the audiobook for A Cry in the Moon's Light as well. I am grateful for all his help and technical assistance. While I was pleased with what I accomplished for the podcast version of A Cry in the Moon's Light, Jamie's talents have taken the audiobooks to a higher level. To contact Jamie for your next project, email him at


The Reading List

After the success of the podcast, I decided to self-publish A Cry in the Moon's Light. Needing someone to help navigate the process, I reached out to Ed Bajek who introducted me to this service. I remember my first conversation with Sal Borriello when he asked my goals for this book, if I had any expectations, or if I just wanted to produce a beautiful book? I knew from that moment I was in the right place. He's been a valued mentor who has made my storytelling better and I'm very grateful.

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