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3 Shorts of Supernatural Suspense

Penny for Your Thoughts

The Whistling Woods

No Time for Murder


What is the mysterious Emporium of Curiosities, Oddities, and Strange Things? And who is Big AL? What is Big AL? Is he Friend or Foe? Good or Evil? Is he a Demon? Alien, Woodland Creature? or some type of magical Shaman?

To answer those questions, you'll have to visit the store, if you can find it.

Somewhere, nowhere, and everywhere all at once it appears at the oddest times and strangest places. The neon sign shines brightly as if summoned by a troubled mind. The store looks deceptively small from the outside, but once you come through the front door, you enter a place beyond reality and time itself.

The Emporium is most often found near or within the tiny villages of the Allegheny National Forest of Pennsyvlania. When it appears, come inside and have a look, but beware, nothing is for sale, and nothing is free. Don't be afraid of the Poliger, it won't bite. And don't be afraid of Big Al, well, on second thought...he might! 

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Audiobook Coming Soon
Novel available now!



Production will start on the complete audiobook sometime later this year. For a preview of the audiobook adaptation, you can get the first three chapters in the audiobook version of A Cry in the Moon's Light. 


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Imagine your employer owns your home. Your employer provides your food. Your employer builds ballfields, parks, and churches to make you happy. But if you disobey the company, all of that is taken away by your employer. And they use a government sanctioned private police force to do it.

That's exactly what life was like for coal miners in the early 1900's. The Coal and Iron Police brutally enforcing the companies rules. Evicting families, busting unions, and not permitting people ot assemble.

I started working on Coal & Iron several years ago. My family lived this life. With them as characters and the town in which they lived as the setting, I forged Coal & Iron. It tells the story of my great grandfather, an immigrant who is forced to fight against the Coal & Iron Police to save his family, his friends, and the community.

If you're a fan of Yellowstone, The Peaky Blinders, or Deadwood, you'll love Coal & Iron!

Come back for more updates on the progress of this exciting drama.

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